Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Been A Week...

We are still in the Stollery Hospital with Nolan, yesterday i requested to see someone by the name or Dr.Lyle Mcgonigle our soon to be new pediatrition, i heard of him through a great mommy that has a trisomy 18 baby here in edmonton... we have met 2 times since nolan has been here, she has been a great support.Last night i met with Dr.lyle and he is soooo great so i signed some papers to get the process moving along in hopes he will take over while we are here.They turned off oxygen last night and checked on him evert few hours and when they did he was 65% :( it wasnt a very nice on the oxygen went, we did alot of chest physio and got alot of gunk out of his nose but that still didnt do the trick.Im getting very frusterated here as the pediatrition in hospital is'nt listening to what want so im finding other ways to get home on oxygen and a monitor for at night.Im tired of being here knowing i could care for him at home with those things!hope we get home soon and hope that people will listen to my requests as i do know my son best.


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