Monday, November 7, 2011

"Remembering our Children"

Well sweet boy, yesterday was a very special day for us as we attended this annual event for families to have a chance to share their angels and their stories.It was emotional but it was great to have your book and pictures out to show them you! We met up nalahs mom,dad,sister and aunty before hand, it was good to see them again.We talked of you both and shared the funny things you guys did, we miss you both so very much.

At the service we were able to write your name on a star and when your name was called we went up and sister put your star on the tree, then mommy talked about you to everyone! I was so calm and had a sense of peace come over me when i spoke, it was great.I even read a poem.You were amazing nolan and still are, your life deserves to be shared with people, you are still teaching strangers and doctors because you deffied all odds! i love you so much, we will always miss you, but you will remain forever in our hearts sweety xoxoxoxox