Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Yesterday early morning the doc came in and released nolan, we arrived home around noonish, and waited for Medigas to come in and set up home oxygen.It's this big machine that plugs into the wall, kind of wierd considering he is only on 1/4 litre but at the same time very nice that we dont have to worry about filling tanks! Nolan is doing soooooo awesome at home! and lexi is glad to have us all together again.He seems to be doing so much better at home then at the hospital,he slept the whole night i only had to wake once to feed him.We all go a goods night rest something i longed to do for 2weeks.We have a stat monitor to do spot checks its not always on as it's very annoying and not needed b/c he is constantly moving around when he is awake.But before bedtime i monitor for about an hour to make sure his O2 isnt too low or too high, they would like him to sit around 88-93% since his heart is unrepaired they dont expect him to be 100.We also have a suction machine that is such an awesome thing! we suck so much from his little nose when he needs.Friday we go and see his new pediatrition for a weekly check up till the surgery day! im happy he will soon be having a G tube and Fundo repair, it will make life so much easier! so for now nolan continues to get rid of this nasty cold that is hanging on. but atleast he is better than 2 weeks ago.We are so proud of him!