Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The countdown BEGINS!

10 more days! I sit here in awh looking at the miracle boy i have shared my life with knowing i carried him for 42 weeks and 1 day just last year.June 25th 2010 will be his 1st birthday, a day many doctors told me i would never see, i had longed to hold my son and wished to just tell him that i love him, to just see his eyes open and look at me...i have done all of that.So many told us not to loos hope and we never did, it was along 20 weeks waiting to hold our miracle bundle of joy.We got through it, the journey of the unknown has been a great one and we pray for more years to come with nolan...he has been such a blessing lighting up the entire family with his smiles and giggles i couldnt imagine life without him.

I remember the days leading up to the big day, nolan was a stubborn little man, he loved his cozy home and didnt want to leave so they began inducing me june 24th at 11:00am.He didnt make his arrival till june 25th 2:29am after along and painful labour with an epidural just minutes before he was born that didnt even kick in, he was was a scary moment with the quietness that filled the room, i didnt hear my baby cry and i remember whipering"is he alive?" no one answered...then he was lfted onto my belly and i heard the sweetest sound ever...his tiny little cry and his eyes trying to open to look up at his mommy and daddy.He was alive and here! the day i will never ever forget our son Nolan Alex Chisaakay-Soucy has already deffied the odds of surviving birth at only 1 minute old.We were surrounded by family and lots of love that early morning our NILMDTS photographer Trina Lewis took beautiful photos for us to always have.It was peaceful i just stared at him and looked up to see everyone staring at us, our family was complete i felt so happy i couldnt even cry.Nolans daddy was covered in tears while i just sat there beside him telling him how cute and perfect he was.It was a day and moment that i cant even compare too anything it something i have never felt before, getting to hold my miracle that i so longed to do and prayed to do was the best now the countdown begins 10 days till Nolan Alex Chisaakay-Soucy turns 1!

born June 25 2009 ~4lbs 10z 18 inches long

1 year later 13lbs 9.5oz 24inches long

Miracles happen to those who believe