Sunday, June 20, 2010

He's proud to be their daddy...

Today was a special one..fathers day, nathans very first fathers with both his prides and joys...lexi and nolan.This year was his first in getting to share this special day with both of them, last year i was pregnant awaiting for nolans arrival.It was a laid back day with our little family, i cooked his favourite dinner homemade lausagna and a nice salad.He enjoyed it.Nathan works hard to provide for us and makes time to be with his kids to show them he loves them to pieces if anyone could see the way he treats his kids they would just say wow, as some have already.Nathan and I are both very young and some are surprised by our maturity im just glad he has stayed with us through the hard and good times.He's proud to be their daddy and they are happy to have a daddy that cares so much.


Anonymous said...

You both are awesome parents to Lexi & Nolan.
Happy Father's Day