Thursday, June 3, 2010

Going home

Tomorrow morning we are being discharged, Nolans new pediatrition dr mcgonigle gave the go's to go home! we have everything in place to take care of nolan as needed, oxygen is with medigas they will be comming to our home to set everything up,we have a suction machine,stats monitor,and portable O2 for travelling. Im so glad we have pushed to get everything we needed! now we can be at home and care for nolan just as we would here, he is still getting over the virus and hopeing this oxygen thing will only be short term! Im so happy we will get to be a family again! I discussed the g tube surgery with his doc and nolan started gagging and he told me right away he was aspirating (nolan had just finished eating) so Nolan will be getting a bigger surgery than we thought which is going to include a fundo repair and a g tube placement we find out tomorrow the date this will happen.Dr. mcgonigle has been so caring and compationate with us, im glad we made the transfer for our babies to his care!