Friday, June 25, 2010


Happy 1st Birthday to our Miracle Nolan! he has beaten the odds! just one of the many in his amazing journey, what a great start to his new year! Im so proud to be his mommy.... its 1 am friday june 25th, his arrival time was 2:29am but i need some sleep for a long great weekend ahead of me! so much excitement,celebrating and making memories, Nolan has shown us all in different ways how not to take things for granted, he has taught me patience and so much more.Having him with us means the world we love him dearly! Happy birthday sweet boy Your a BIG BOY NOW!!!


Cathy said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Nolan. I received a google alert today so that is how I found your blog. I will be checking back. My little girl has full Trisomy 18 and a very large VSD and many other issue and has never had surgery for her heart yet. I will be back to read more as to what and how Nolan is affected or not. But for now Happy Birthday and enjoy your sweet boy!

Bess Raulerson said...

Happy Birthday to Nolan! Did you know you can receive a free bear in honor of his birthday from Just click Payton's Birthday Bears and submit the order!

Bess Raulerson
Hope For Trisomy 13 and 18

Jill Smith said...

Happy birthday, Nolan! You are such a cute little trooper!