Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weining off oxygen..

Last night was good, the new set of nurses came on for the evening and they lowered his oxygen to 1/4litre unfortunately again he fell under what they wanted him at, 88 to 96 he was falling past 82%,so they put him back to 1litre so he could rest properly, they tried again later on while he was sleeping and he stayed around 84-93 which is getting good!The pediatrition came in today and talked to me about how he was doing and i said he seems to be getting alot better then when we first arrived, i want him off oxygen soon, he said slowly he will get there and he would stop by tomorrow early to see if nolan was ready to go home! he has to keep his oxygen up on his own 24 hours after its been off.So we pray this will happen tonight! it has been discussed that if he cant get off this week that would it be possible to go home with oxygen so he can rest at night since he is very restless at night and crying... im starting to wonder if its b/c he dips so low that he struggles to breath and cries.When here night time has been alot easier besides the gas(that i can handle).Please keep nolan in your thoughts we are both really wanting to go home since we havent been home for nearly a week.


May said...

hi amanda,

You're right. It's the dips that make him crying and fussy...cos it's tiring to breathe when sats drop.

we found out that vera's sats drop cos she has OSA - obstructive sleep apnea. you may want to check with the pd to see if that is a possibility for nolan's desaturations.

hope this helps.