Thursday, May 27, 2010

Still Here

Just would like to update everyone on Nolan...we are still currently in Isolation protecting nolan from any other germs.He is still on oxygen trying to fight this virus off, he just needs the extra boost to get over this bug.They talked about his "normal" levels in oxygen and in cardiology when they checked it at times a couple months ago it stat was at 88-96 they would like him to be at that without oxygen for at least 24 hours before going home, unfortunately that hasn't happend yet his levels drop after a few minutes of lowering the oxygen.We are hoping within the weekend he will hold his own so we can go home.They have also concentrated his formula so he can get more calories, nolan is very gassy and has been throwing up at times after his feeds they are unsure why but most likely due to the build of secretions in his nose causing him to gag.This evening i felt some weezing in his chest and called the nurse in to listen and he had heard it too, it was very loud in his chest and back on both sides, right now i am waiting for his night nurse that looks afer him to come on cause she knows him best, nolan might need meds if phneamonia is starting. Until then we are at the stollery on 4th floor room 14 in peds surgery.The nurses and doctors are sooo great and caring here i love them! I will share more when i get the chance or get to go home sometime in the near future.Please continue to send prayers for little nolie so he can home soon!


Anonymous said...

PRAYING HARD FOR YOUR GUY!!! Have they deep suctioned down his nose??That always helps alot with kayden. I hope he gets through this fast. I wish they did not have to be sick at all.Our littel ones go through enough already.Stay strong Nolan stay strong.