Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mothers Day

Today was very special, special in sooo many ways.This exact day last year i was pregnant with Nolan and wondering if i would ever get to have mothers day with both of my babies, this year i did, and im sooo over the moon about it! This morning i got up bright and early excited to start the day, we went out for breakfast and it was delicious! thanks nathan.Then we decided to go to the carnival that was such a blast to, me nathan went on the zipper and he deffinately scared the crap outta me!Lexi went on a few rides and was such a good girl..nolan huung out in his stroller looking around at the rides and people passing by.It was very nice to have both my babies today, the greatest gift of the them all!


May said...

what a special mother's day you've had. Nolan is just beautiful.