Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hi everyone, i have finally got to a computer in the hospital that has allowed me to get on here but not facebook,anyways a whole bunch of things have happend in the course of 12 hours, we are very exhausted..we decided to take nolan into the sturgeon hospital around 6pm the immiadately admitted him a trama room and started oxygen right away due to his stats being 88.As soon as they O2 started it went up in the 90s the did many tests and x rays to find what the cause to his drop in oxygen.The doctor wasnt comfortable sending us home so we were ambulance transferred to the Stollery where he is on continuous oxygen to help him.The think it is a viral infection and untill he can keep his stats up we are here i will update everyone when i get a chance to add more details, thank you for your prayers, as we need them very much for him to get better!


Marianne said...

Amanda, so sorry to hear Nolan fell ill. Praying for a strong recovery! I would like to help anyway I can. I know how hard it is to be a hospital Mom. Please call anytime if you need to chat. We are up all hours too. There are healthy snacks/meals on the first level of the Mazankowski. The healing garden on the 4th floor of the Mazankowski can give some moments of peace. Your child life worker can be a great support...I saw mine daily about both girls. I am thinking of you and want to make this easier somehow. If you are there tomorrow I will bring some coffee&food. Thoughts and prayers are with you...let me know how I can help. Please know I would gladly accept middle of the night calls. I know that is the only quiet time at the Stollery. Hugs.

Marianne said...

If you go home on oxygen please ask for Provincial Home Oxygen , they are the best in the city and will provide the best equipment for you. They are by far the best and Nolan deserves the best!!!