Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weining off oxygen..

Last night was good, the new set of nurses came on for the evening and they lowered his oxygen to 1/4litre unfortunately again he fell under what they wanted him at, 88 to 96 he was falling past 82%,so they put him back to 1litre so he could rest properly, they tried again later on while he was sleeping and he stayed around 84-93 which is getting good!The pediatrition came in today and talked to me about how he was doing and i said he seems to be getting alot better then when we first arrived, i want him off oxygen soon, he said slowly he will get there and he would stop by tomorrow early to see if nolan was ready to go home! he has to keep his oxygen up on his own 24 hours after its been off.So we pray this will happen tonight! it has been discussed that if he cant get off this week that would it be possible to go home with oxygen so he can rest at night since he is very restless at night and crying... im starting to wonder if its b/c he dips so low that he struggles to breath and cries.When here night time has been alot easier besides the gas(that i can handle).Please keep nolan in your thoughts we are both really wanting to go home since we havent been home for nearly a week.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Still Here

Just would like to update everyone on Nolan...we are still currently in Isolation protecting nolan from any other germs.He is still on oxygen trying to fight this virus off, he just needs the extra boost to get over this bug.They talked about his "normal" levels in oxygen and in cardiology when they checked it at times a couple months ago it stat was at 88-96 they would like him to be at that without oxygen for at least 24 hours before going home, unfortunately that hasn't happend yet his levels drop after a few minutes of lowering the oxygen.We are hoping within the weekend he will hold his own so we can go home.They have also concentrated his formula so he can get more calories, nolan is very gassy and has been throwing up at times after his feeds they are unsure why but most likely due to the build of secretions in his nose causing him to gag.This evening i felt some weezing in his chest and called the nurse in to listen and he had heard it too, it was very loud in his chest and back on both sides, right now i am waiting for his night nurse that looks afer him to come on cause she knows him best, nolan might need meds if phneamonia is starting. Until then we are at the stollery on 4th floor room 14 in peds surgery.The nurses and doctors are sooo great and caring here i love them! I will share more when i get the chance or get to go home sometime in the near future.Please continue to send prayers for little nolie so he can home soon!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hi everyone, i have finally got to a computer in the hospital that has allowed me to get on here but not facebook,anyways a whole bunch of things have happend in the course of 12 hours, we are very exhausted..we decided to take nolan into the sturgeon hospital around 6pm the immiadately admitted him a trama room and started oxygen right away due to his stats being 88.As soon as they O2 started it went up in the 90s the did many tests and x rays to find what the cause to his drop in oxygen.The doctor wasnt comfortable sending us home so we were ambulance transferred to the Stollery where he is on continuous oxygen to help him.The think it is a viral infection and untill he can keep his stats up we are here i will update everyone when i get a chance to add more details, thank you for your prayers, as we need them very much for him to get better!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Nolans New Hair!

Yesterday we decided to give Nolans hair a trim, it was getting so long and hot for his little head, now that summer is here its better for him, he is soooo handsome!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mothers Day

Today was very special, special in sooo many ways.This exact day last year i was pregnant with Nolan and wondering if i would ever get to have mothers day with both of my babies, this year i did, and im sooo over the moon about it! This morning i got up bright and early excited to start the day, we went out for breakfast and it was delicious! thanks nathan.Then we decided to go to the carnival that was such a blast to, me nathan went on the zipper and he deffinately scared the crap outta me!Lexi went on a few rides and was such a good girl..nolan huung out in his stroller looking around at the rides and people passing by.It was very nice to have both my babies today, the greatest gift of the them all!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Consultation With The Surgeon

Today was a very nervous day for we had our appointment with the surgeon to discuss a G-Tube placement for Nolan, We think this would be good for him to have and too get rid of the Ng tube that he hates so much.The appointment went well, i had my binder full of papers and in that was my questions for Dr.Lees.I had it open on the patient bed ready to ask away! He came in and introduced himself quickly, then opened up Nolans file and read about his condition.He then asked what his current weight was i said 11 lbs 11.5oz.He then looked over at my paper full of questions he sat up on the table next to me and Nolan, he began to explain everything my questions were about,He's totally awesome!

We didnt really have to ask anything at all, The procedure is fairly quick and minor ...I had a concern about Nolan dying on the operating table, he reassured me that he has NEVER had a child die on his table, even the ones with more severe cases than Nolan, he also told us that they will be treating him like any other child, they will not be underlining his condition to not use any intervention if something should happen during or after surgery, they will do anything in their power to make sure he will be fine.He will also be on constant monitoring for his STATS , we will have to stay in the hospital for 48-72 hours after the operation, it was also discussed that they may put him on a ventilator and keep him PICU for 24 hours just to make sure.We feel very at ease knowing that our nolan will be in great care while he undergoes this surgery we are looking into the date for the surgery after his 1st birthday.They will be calling us in about 1 month with a set date, we are still alittle nervous as any parent is when its surgery no matter how big or small it may be, i just dont want to see him in any pain, but we look forward to not haveing to change his NG tube anymore.Please have Nolan in your thoughts and prayers when this big day comes, thank you.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's Snowing In MAY! (only in alberta)

Hanging out on a snow day, in his purple dress shirt!

This morning i woke up to sweet Nolans little voice letting me know it was morning and time eat.I walked out to my living room craddeling him in my arms kissing his soft warm cheek, i love the smell of him in the morning.I then opend my curtains to see a blizzardy day! snow everywhere! i was accually shocked, you think we would be used to the snow since sometimes it decides to come out of no where!But im not used it, i was hoping for a sunny day to take the kids to the park.Looks like we will be having a snow day.