Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 28th 2011 Nolans Tribute

Amazing, there are no words i can say to explain this beautiful day.It was shared with over 100 people,so many friends,family,nolans care team,and even his pediatrition Dr.Mcgonigle who was there during the great times and even till the very last moments of nolans life.Speaches were made by family, grampas and grammas.It was so appreciated with all the help we had to get this ready and send our nolie off.It was closure knowing we were the greatest parents for nolan, we provided him with the best life a child like him could ask for, he got to explore and see the world in his own light.He only knew love he only knew happiness.Nathan and I are at peace with everything nolan is where he belongs now and he will always be with us everywhere we go.He is simply amazing, i had no idea nolan had touched so many! he touched thousands! upon thousands of lives.We love him so much.Nolan Alex Chisaakay-Soucy an amazing miracle of life.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nolan Alex Chisaakay Soucy June 25 2009-January 21 2011 our angel i sit here at the computer crying as i type this sad update im thinking about nolans sweet face and how he had changed us from the moment we found out about him.At 6:40pm january 21 2011 nolan went to heaven, we held him with every last breath he took it was the hardest thing we have ever had to go through, loosing our baby boy we so muchly wanted to live.Nolan struggled to fight off RSV,Pneamonia and Bronchilitis he was on antibiotics in the stollery for 4 days through IV we thought he would pull through and get better,he had ups and downs those 4 days.It was hard im not going to get into details but i will when im ready share his last week here with us.His last moments were precious we cried,i told him we loved him and everyone loved him, we kissed him we held him tight we told him it was alright,i said he changed me forever and that it was okay if he had to go, i think we told him we loved him a million times within 2 minutes.It was fast to fast i wasnt ready but he was.We will never forget the times we shared with our miracle how he defied every odd! and showed doctors who is boss! i love him but i miss so much, it hurts with every breath i take.Nolan will have a celebration of life this Friday january 28th at 3:30pm in edmonton, at park memorial.Please celebrate our sweet boys life with us.for those who know me you have my number call me for more details, thank you everyone for support i will still continue to post about Nolan.As its not goodbye...its see you later ...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

another nasty bug.

Nolan has caught another one...we took him to the hospital late last night as he was worse over 2 hours.We were worried he may of aspirated since it looks like his fundo repair has come loose, xrays ruled out this out.We rrefused antibiotics and took him home, i was up every hour checking on nolan giving him pedialite and chest physio.Im exhausted.Today he was lethargic he slept prety much alday this wouldnt be so conserning if it were myslef but with nolan its alarming.So i gave his pediatrition a call and asked if nolan may have RSV and if were smart of me to take him back to get him tested, he agreed.When we arrived they checked his temp it was still 39.1 never changed within the 20 minutes of checking it at home.The doctor swab him and asked if i wanted to leave him over night, i refused so she gave him a dose of amixicillin and a prescription for it to treat him as if he had a respiratory infection since he worsened over 12 hours.We are also getting tamiflu.

When we got back home i bathed and rubed vicks on him,put saline drops in his nose and gave a good suction, he is now haveing a pedialite and formula mixed feed i hope he will tolerate it, he's falling asleep now so im off to get some rest before he wakes again, please pray for nolie that he will get better and passed this.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Yesterday we made a trip to edmonton for Nolans appointment with Dr.Mcgonigle,it went great!Nolan did some showing off for the staff with his babling and trying to do alittle crawling with support from moma.He is 15lbs 6.4oz 27inches long it makes us thrilled that our boy is still growing!We discussed a wheel chair and came to a decision that later on we would look more into it a stroller for now works just fine.There was a concern nathan and I had,back in july nolan had his gtube/fundo repair the fundo repair was meant to stop nolan from vomiting which can cause him to aspirate then turn into pheunomnia.He had wretched a few times and accually brought up formula during his feed even when we vented his tube to let the air out.He has vomited about 4 times in the past 2 months yesterday he deminstrated this for Dr.M while he used the tongue depresser nolan gaged and brought some food up with it.Dr said this is very concerning we are praying he wont have problems if it only happens once in a while, to the concern is that he most likely loosend the fundo repair.For now we just position him and vent faster! so this doesnt happen.Either than that nolans a happy little man that enjoys picking his nose now!