Sunday, December 27, 2009


Lexi and Nolan got spoiled!!

Well christmas has come and gone already! now we are getting ready for newyears! It was an awesome year, getting to meet our Nolan and him lving this long, it was a great christmas present to celebrate him with our family, lexi and nolan got sooooo much!(and so did I lol) we spent the morning opening presents at home then we all got ready to head out to my dads (which is an hour away) nolan did great the whole way he was sooo happy! later that day we exchanged gifts and had a huge turkey dinner! then sang happy birthday to nolan and had a delicious home made cake to top it all off, this week we are preparing for my step dads sons arrival from Ontario along with his girlfriend and daughter, my step dad hasnt seen his son in 18 years! this is going to be one happy family all being together for new years eve! update in a few days!! happy new years!(pics to follow as well!)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Celebrating with Nolans first Christmas

Today and the rest of the week we will be hugely celebrating with nolan, as its his first christmas and he's turning 6 months christmas day! we will update later this week! have a very merry christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Weight Health and Physio update

This morning Nolans nurse Sandy came by to do her routine check-up on Nolan since xmas is comming up this week she wanted to make sure he was going to be okay.She was very happy to see that nolan was his usual happy outgoing self(as usual!)he's such a happy baby.She listend to his chest, tummy, back, lungs and heart everything was marvolous! I always love hearing how great he's doing, even though i know he's pretty special for doing this awesome! hehe. His weight today is 9lbs 9oz! he sure is getting to be our chunky monkey!! he's beaten so many odds we dont even need oxygen in our home and he hasnt had any "grey" spells since he was 1 month old! Later this afternoon the physio therapist came by to teach me some patting on his chest and back especially to use when he is congested( it helps to loosen all the yucky stuff he may have inside) even once day is recommended.Then Nolan showed her how he can move all around and lift his head up! She was pleased with how he was doing and that he didnt have any "stiffnes" in his joints,Nolan is doing fab! we will be celebrating his 6th month birthday on his very first christmas day! What more could we ask for, for christmas then Nolan being here with us and our healthy daughter lexi, we are family forever!Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stolen My Pictures

Im sad to announce that someone on Facebook has stolen my babies pictures and used a fake name for themselves to create a fake profile, i cant express how digusted i am with this person my pride and joys are posted on someone elses profile, they even renamed them Isabella Lexi and Nolan Ryan, even have their age.I took everything off mine, I only used facebook to keep intouch with other Trisomy 18 mommies and friends from school, i guess its not as safe as we all think even with the privacy settings set to ONLY FRIENDS!I really am upset that someone would do this to me, i have contacted facbook directly and am hopeing for a response in which they will delete this fake person, but with that being said they have my pictures on their computer and who knows where else they have our babies posted.This makes so sick to my stomache i cant believe someone did this to me :( if anyone is reading this the fake name is Amie Claydale please help me get rid of her or him.

Xmas party with the Terra Association

This past thursday night was a blast, we went to a Xmas party for pregnant and parenting teens association i have a worker from there myself to help out with nermous of things, especially my life goals.Everyone was exstatic to see Nolan and happy to see how Lexi has grown up to look so pretty :) Santa was there and the kids got pictures with him, Lexi especailly LOVED him!!! She was so cute jumping up and down trying to get his attention, it was a great night! great food and lot's of talking!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nolan LOVES pablum

Today was a very special day for Nolan and us, we decided to let him try pablum as he seems to not be getting very full off just formula, we made the pablum a little runnier than it should be just incase he couldnt handle it well or swallow it, he took his first sip and loved it!!! he ate about an ounce and then i finished him off with 2oz of milk through his tube, he kept it all down!!! We are sooo proud of him!And he wasnt fussy at all, this week we have noticed an increase with crankyness we beleive he might be teething, he is constantly whinning but its soooo cute! He is doing fabulous! Here is a video of him trying his cereal for the very first time!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Yesterday night nolan was sooo funny! We put him on his belly and he was reaching for his toys trying to play them, and the mat he plays on has some crunchy spots so he was squeezing them with his hand to hear the noise! and when he heard it he'd smile and coo.He also discovered pulling on his eye really hard, he would cry about it so we pulled his hand away and he would do it all over again! lol he's learning his cause and effect!Nolans learning all sorts of stuff daily he's getting so much stronger with his head and can roll it side to side while he's playing on his belly, we are so proud of him.A few days he had immunizations 3 needles that he had to have, he was so upset and cried and cried i felt so bad for him.But he's fine now!
He is thriving so much and has an awesome first christmas comming up!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another Checkup

Today Nolan had another visit from the nurse, his weight never changed from last week he is 9lbs 2oz, and doing fabulous!He rolls himslelf side to side trying roll right over! we are sure he will be rolling over very soon! I had to ask the nurse why there was a white lump under his gum as i didnt know if he would get teeth this early, and to my surprise she's positive he's teething! another great milstone for the books! He loves laying on his play mat looking around at all the things especially the christmas lights on our tree, he's so bright eyed and full of smiles.Lexi has been holding him alot more everyday and is getting more involved with him like trying to change him and his diapers LOL.but only with my assistance, she also knows how old she is now!our babies amaze us each and everyday! Nolan continues to thrive as the days go on and christmas comes close he will be 6 months on christmas day! this is going to be a huge celebration for him.He's our gift.

"With you in my life,the music plays stronger,the stars twinkle brighter and heaven does'nt seem so far away"