Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One of my tattoos in your memory

Its been 2 months since ive had a good moment to write you, im always thinking about you especially when someone mentions your name, i just cant stop talking about all the things you used to do and what you accomplished in your 19 months.Mommy is sadend over the sudden death of your buddy Caleb he lived 29 months and 1 week he is amazing just like you, you both are brothers (twins) its crazy how much you 2 are alike.Im going to miss his sounds he made on the phone when i talked to his mommy.

I still cant believe its been 7 months my heart aches to have you here everyday.I know oneday i will have you again and untill that day im left here with your precious memories.Mommy got another tattoo in your memory its some lyrics from a song called "precious child" its so true for you.Mommy also got a tattoo for yoour sister cherry blossoms!Daddy got the teddy bears on your urn on his rist too!I hope your proud of mommy and daddy cause we are so proud of you son.Sister misses you dearly this morning i found her in your crib callin out your name and asking you if you feel better now.She said she made your tummy feel better.She speaks of you everyday we keep your memory alive nolie! Daddys heart is broken too he longs to see again i cant get over how much you look like daddy its amazing. I love you to pieces sweet boy xoxoxox love mommy.
P.S sister starts pre school in september!!