Friday, January 29, 2010

Mr.Talks Alot!

Nolan is turning into quite the chatter box these days! he talks all day long, except for when he is sleeping, he's soooo cute! Today he had his 2nd RSV shot and barely cried, Nathan said it's b/c he was there and Nolan wanted to be tough for his daddy. :) Since Nolan is 100% better from his cold, he is now back to eating his baby food, i'm pretty sure he mised it,b/c he savaged on it big time!! he's eating awesome! On Feb.1st we see the nutritionist to see how he is doing with his growth and eating which i think they wil be surprised at how well he has done since the last time! excited!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Celebrated Nolans 7th birthday!

Today we celebrated Nolans 7th month, it is a day early b/c tomorrow is a week day and everyone has work.It was a very happy day, my mom and I made a bear cake from scratch and it looked sooooooo cute! we are so proud of ourselves! Nolan had alot of flashes in his eyes with so many pictures being taken by me! lol. but atleast he doesnt get mad at me for it ;) Lexi blew the candles out for her brother and loved it! after that nolan put his hand in the icing and tasted it, boy did he love that!
I just am sooo thrilled to be this blessed with him, it's been 7 months of unconditional love for our boy, thins the doctors said he would never do, he is doing! From gettng the horrible news,to not knowing if we would ever get to hold our son alive, and knowing the "poor" outcomes as doctors say, to accually having him here for 7 months and more to come has been a miracle! His smiles, his giggles, knowing his ticklish spots, and simply just staring into his big beautiful eyes and touching his soft brown hair, makes me realize how precious life can be,how we are lucky to have Nolan still here with us.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Quick Update

Yesterday nolan hit another milestone! i sat him on his playmat infront of me facing me and he can almost sit on his own! he falls foward slowly, but its the cuttest thing ever!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nolan's Gettin up there!

This morning Nolans nurse came for a check up, she listened to him as usual, checked his pulses and everything, he looke great she said.The only thing she could hear was a slight rattle in his right side but she assured me that it was just the stuff thats hard for babies to get rid of, and that it would go away soon especially with everything i have been doing for him to help him out.Then she weighed him! and....GUESS WHAT!! HE"S 10LBS!!!!!!! I was soooo shocked he gained up to that even with being sick he still grows! we are so proud of our little big man! Nolan then decided to show off his new skill, when we hold him under his armpits so his legs are little bent with his feet flat to the floor he pushes up really hard and gives a huge smile, then continues on with bouncing, we think he may be ready for a bouncer but we are going to wait a bit and see what we can find that suits his needs.Way to go!

Monday, January 18, 2010

A bumpy week with sickness

Last week wasnt a very good start, Monday morning Nolan woke up with a stuffy nose and i knew he was getting sick :( the nurse had us schedled that day anyways so she took a look at him and let me know that it was probably just a sinus thing going on, because his chest and lungs were clear.Then tuesday morning came around it was 12:00am and he was still up crying his little heart out and coughing his head off, i didnt know what to do but give hime tylenol, chest physio, baby vicks, warm bath,steem and alot of cuddles he was just totaly miserable!He finally went to sleep at about 2:30 am by then i was drained! Early that tuesday morning lexi woke up with a runny nose :( she didnt get that sick at all, i caught in time with both of them! Wednesday Nolan was happy and sounding clearer than the last 2 days, i was glad! Thursday through the weekend he had some secreations in his nose still,we used saline and the bulb suction regualarly to keep his airway clear, he had a slight weeze in his breathing but nothing i was concerned about because he seemed to be not in distress and happy as can be! Tonight he sits here beside me as i type cooing away and sucking his fingers! He's doing great!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Perfect in babies

Saturday, January 9, 2010

First RSV shot

Yesterday afternoon Nolan had an appointment at the Stollery Hospital for his first RSV immunization.He qualified for it since he is more syseptical to getting the rsv infection b/c of his Trisomy 18 and the hole in his heart.We are glad for this shot as he will be protected from this horrible virus, every month he will be getting the needle to insure it will work all year.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nolans story with CBC news aired on the radio,

Scroll down and select the cherished memories box and it will open windows media player it's a radio talk show,pretty neat!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Taking the kids to West Edmonton Mall

Well this week has been alittle busier than usaul as we have some family visiting us, it's a blast!! yesterday we went to west ed, nolans first time visiting there and it was great! he got to watch mommy ride the huge rollercoaster, see all the lights and people everywhere! he was such an angel! im so proud of him.I got him a tee shirt emroided saying Im a miracle in the front and his wieght and dates at the back! its sooo cute! Lexi had a blast too, with her new friend destiney they are only about 1 and half apart and she has alllll week to play!! thank you everyone for keeping updated in Nolans life, he's doing fabulous!! everyday is a blessing!