Friday, September 23, 2011

Making you proud son.

Dear Nolan,I first want to say that i miss you so much, theres never aday where i dont think about you.Your smile,your laugh,and the sparkle in your eyes are missed each everyday.I love you dearly.Mommy has something very special and exciting to share with you! today i went to Norquest which a college mommy will be attending for Nursing! I had lots of exams to write today to see what classes they need to place me in, im just so glad to finaly start this im doing it for you and your big sister, im going to make you both proud!It's because of you that im pushing forward with this career ,you taught me so much in your 19 months of life and now i want to make a difference and help the sick or injured.If i do things right i will be a Registered Nurse in a few short years, i dont care how long it takes or how hard it is, i know that its all going to be worth it! Your so amazing Nolan i will forever hold you in my heart xoxxoxo love, Mommy.