Friday, October 30, 2009

Nolan Grabs

I am soooo excited to announce another great milestone from Nolan!
A couple nights ago I gave him something to hold on to with his hand, he held it for a few moments...well minutes accually, then raised it to his mouth to eat!!!!
We were sooo amazed by this, we never knew we get to see our son do something like this.Looks like we have to buy him a rattle to play with! His development seems to amaze us each and everyday we have with our miracle boy Nolan! A.K.A (Nolie hehehe)
Sometimes when i rub his lotion on him after his bath he rolls himself to his side and with a little push he gets to his tummy! He is doing fantastic!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nolan turns 4 months!

This morning as i opened my eyes to see sweet nolan staring at me cooing away, I was so happy to say happy 4 months Nolan and give him kiss and tell him how much everyone loves you! I just cant believe its been 4 months, these months have been a true gift, we know our Nolie!(his nick name) how he coos, when he's upset what he likes to calm him down, he knows out faces and reacts to everything! A pure miracle<3we pray for many more of these days with our sweet baby boy!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tube Issues.

Last night till early this morning was very hard, we had some big troubles with nolan's tube going back in.Nathan is the one who usually inserts it in, and it kept comming out his mouth.Poor little guy was stressing out and couldnt calm down,(he hates getting his tube changed)So after 3 tries we decided it was time to call the nurse to come out and help us out!It was 12:30am by the time she arrived she tried about 4 times and with no luck she went to her car to get a stiffer tube as she thinks the tubes we have are to flimzy and keep curling in the back of his throat.With luck she got the new one in!!! it was a long and stressful night and nolan was very upset,My heart hurt watching him go through that knowing he was unconfortable, today is a better day and he's back to his happy go lucky self!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Nutrition appointment

Nolans appt. went great again! he's 8lbs 6.5oz! Nutritionist says he sure is a miracle gaining 17grams aday,she said a healthy baby gains 15-21grams so he's doing awesome,thanks to us!he's 20.5inches long,He's in the 50% for small babies!! yay go big boy, prove them all wrong.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cardio appoinment

Nolan's appointment went great he weighs 8lbs 1.8oz! Doctor was very pleased and surprised like usual at how well he's doing!She prescribe a medication called Lasiks(i think thats how its spelled?)It's to help get rid of any excess fluid he may have ie. like to help with any congestion.It will make him pee more, to make sure his lungs wont fill up and get congested.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanksgiving With The Family

We had thanksgiving dinner with some of our family yesterday, accually me nathan and lexi had 2 dinners in one day, Nolan was very happy to see everyone,and everyone was thrilled to see him!Nolan recently started to reaching up at my face and smiling at the same time! he's soooo darn cute :) tomorrow is Nolans cardiology appointment and im feeling very nervous, i know hes doing great but im worried if they will find something new.Im going to try and keep my head high and think positive hopefully nolan will show those doctors all his new development!

Friday, October 9, 2009

14 weeks~

Nolan turned 14 weeks today! he's truely a blessing to us~
he had to get another needle today we break the immunizations up because we dont how he might react to having to many all at once.He accually cried this time i felt so sorry.But he's fine now he gained a tiny bit since yesterday! not much but still some! the nurse said he's growing fine like following his own curve, of course he is not on the accually line for babies his age, but all that matter is that he's growing and thriving!Love you sweet baby boy!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Pictures!

Taking Nolan out to dinner.

Yesterday was a very proud and nathan celebrated our 5th year anniversary together! well we brought our special gift Nolan with us, gramma watched lexi as she cant really keep still in a restaurant.Anyways we went to Eastside Marios and it was delecious! The staff there all adorde nolan, they asked how early he was and of course we knew Nolan was 2 weeks late! we explained to them what he had and they were very kind, caring and thought he was the cutest baby ever! We love showing our miracle off every chance we get.Also today the nurse came over and nolan is now 7lbs 14.5oz!! thats 2.5oz up from 6 days ago! he's doing absolutely amazing!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nolans First Little Giggle!!!

Tonight at about 8:25 Nolan had his first giggle! it was little but he still giggled! i wish i would of had the camera rolling at the right time, maybe next time! it made me cry to hear such a precious giggle like that.I just had to kiss him all over he's such a miracle...a night we will never forget! love you little man!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Nolans Weight update

Nolans nurse Natalie came this morning at 9:15am to do a weekly check-up on nolan,She listened to his heart and lungs,both were perfect.Just looking at him she couldnt believe how great he looked! His weight was 7lbs 12oz.!!!! hes doing fabulous :) we worked it out to about 4.5oz. a week which is great for a trisomy 18 baby! He's up to 4oz of formula now and handles it great, no spit ups.He still is being tube fed but we still give him a try at the bottle every feeding.We are just amazed that he is 97 days old! hes had more birthdays then his big sister Lexi LOL!
We also got a call back from CBC news they followed our photographer during her session with Nolan here at home in what she does for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, it was her first live photoshoot with a baby who survived an illness like this.Our story will air sometime next week, we get the DVD of it all too! we are thankful that we got to share our story with people and are excited for thousands to see our wonderful baby boy Nolan! So watch CBC news: i will post when it airs.