Saturday, December 25, 2010

18 months Merry christmas miracle boy!

Our little man celebrates his second christmas with us who knew!! what a miracle in itself today marks his 18 month birthday! amazing! from being told we would maybe have a few minutes to maybe no time at all with nolan and having 18 wonderful beautiful memory filled months is the best christmas present ever! love you big man!

Friday, December 10, 2010


December 8th a beautiful trisomy 18 miracle named Nalahpassed this day late at night,her mom Marianne and familynever expected this.She was rushed to hospital by ambulance wherethey told her that she has chronic lung failure,she was put on 15litres of O2 and told her mom not to worry.Things changed quickly and Nalah was rushedinto surgery for a possible trach and to be vented,she was in heart failure at
that time.She came out stable but suddenly she was crashing doctors did CPR everything they could do for her but there was no way she could not recover from what happend that night.Nalah lived to be just over 2years old, a beautiful girl loved by so many,many who she met and many who she didnt.She will never be forgotten,nalah was the first little girl i knew about living with this where i live and i got to meet her mom a few times,so this is very shocking.Her heart is golden as she flys high.a beautiful angel.we will all miss.please pray for her family.She has a big sister named Karis who has taken all this very well and misses her dearly.