Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Celebrating 16 months!

My family is proud to be singing yet another birthday to Nolan his 16th month here in this world,his second fall,his second halloween,his second winter and second xmas.It's amazing what this little man has accomplished in 16months,he's smart in his own ways, he has recently been trying to say words, like dada and getting very vocal about what he wants.His temper is just like a toddler too, its kind of cute :).He's a little big man with great personality.Happy birthday Nolan.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nolan scared me...

Very early in the morning at 2:30am Nolan woke me up with a blood curdling scream, i have never heard this from him, so i was very concerned.I had to yell out "help Me" to wake my little sister up.I needed the phone, i was about to call 911 as i holding nolans right arm down(he has been twisting his right arm backward then pressing so i thought he might have broken it in his sleep) i also thought maybe he stopped breathing breifly then came out of it,( he has never stopped stopped breathing before) since i didnt have the monitor on him last night,i really didntknow what caused him to do this.But eventually he did calm down and we cuddled for about half hour before i put him back to sleep.He loves being hummed to while being rocked...after i set himback in the playpen to sleep, i hooked him up to the monitor, everything was perfect.Today he seems to be himself so maybe his arm might of fallin asleep or maybe he had a nightmare,i have no idea what this was, but it freeked me right out.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kids love swimming,nolans first time!

Most of you dont know yet, that nathan and I have decided to move away from Edmonton to where my mom lives about 2 hours away.Nathan got a better job where we are relocateting and it makes more sense to just move where WCT is (worksite) since he will be out of town alot, i will need some help with the kids and my mom is always there to help out.This way i can finish school and do what i need to get my career.It's beautiful here, we found a house and will be moving in on the 30th this month.This means tons of traveling to the city for nolans appts! but thats okay.Since being here the kids and I do recreational things daily even if its a just a stroll down to the park or to the river where lexi enjoys throwing rocks and sticks, but best of all we bought a monthly pass to the rec. center where Lexi and Nolan enjoy swimming almost everyday! Yesterday i decided to take nolan to see how he would like it,Well he LOVED it! he can handle about 30 minutes since he did get cold and turned kind of bluish, but i can say its great physio for him! and lexi learns to swim better each time.It's sad leaving town when we do but its best for us right now.Im going to miss his homecare nurse but i will be keeping in contact with her about nolan.It's a good change.