Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nolan wasn't ready....

Well yesterday was very eventful and scary, i was a mess.
They extubated him at 8pm july 23rd it was a moment i will never forget
he tryed to breath on his own and it didnt look right :( he was struggling and breathing so fast.They put him on high flow oxygen to see if this would help...but around 9pm his oxygen was dropping,fast.The doctors and nurses rushed to his side and started "bagging" him this helped, they decided to do an emergency x-ray this showed that his left lung looked callapsed, so they put him on b-pap for the night, his breathing improved alot!So yesterday afternoon when we went to see Nolan we walked into the room and he had his eyes open and was moving, but he still looked "different" he was withdrawing from all the drugs he was given, he was so jittery and shaking, but trying to talk :(. It was very hard to keep it all together and to watch our sweet boy going through this.They switched him from b-pap to c-pap this means less pressure given through the mask, it was a great improvement and his lung had finally opened!i was happy.Later on in the afternoon we suddenly got moved to an isolation room becuase his test results showed he had virus, this explains why extubation was so hard on him on top of everything else.We did however got to "hold" him just lifting him off the bed but still close to it,he reached up for me it was the sweetest thing to have happend this whole time, he knew his mommy was there and that his daddy was too.For now they will be slowly wiening him off the morphine and adavan becuase it's too hard on him to just stop everything suddenly, we cant wait to have him home.


Nan P. said...

Yes, it is hard to see such a young child being weaned off morphine and other drugs. Cathal, my grandson, was on morphine for 5 weeks, after his open-heart surgery, at barely one year old. It broke my heart to see him in such pain… But it gets better :-) Sending you both loads of positive thoughts. Stay strong.

Jennifer said...

Praying for your family and Nolan.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping Nolan is keeping you on your toes and your being able to hold him. That's the best medicine for both of you.
Each day is a gift. Enjoy them to their fullest.