Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Surgery is set.

Next tuesday is nolans surgery day, for his fundo repair and g tube placement.We are feeling very nervous as it's so soon in such little notice, but we pray and hope for the best, we know nolan will be a much happier little boy without a tube going down his nose.I will update next week after its all done, please pray that his recovery goes smoothly.


May said...

hi amanda,

yes life will be so much better without the ng tube. fingers crossed all goes smoothly for his extubation.

Nan P. said...

Hello Amanda, I came across your blog by chance and have been touched by your story and by beautiful little Nolan. Yourself and Nathan are very brave – I am sorry if this sounds corny, most parents are brave and will do anything for their children; but some are not as brave as others. You definitely belong to the latter group.

I am the grandmother of a 2 year old boy with Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome). Cathal was born with 3 severe heart defects and had his 1st heart surgery at 5 weeks old, and his 2nd one (a long open-heart surgery) on the eve of his 1st birthday. I know how hard it is to have such a young child going for surgery, and can barely try to imagine how difficult this time is for you both. I will think of you both and of Nolan in the days to come, and watch out for news on your blog.

I wish you all the best.

Oh, and Lexi is such a little cuttie! :-)