Monday, July 19, 2010

Pre-Admission appiontment was today.

We had nolans preadmission appointment today, it was 2.5hours long.
i will give you all the explanation of what happend, we arrived and i had to fill out
a form that was 5 pages, once i finished we called to a room, where a nurse explained things briefly, she was very nice.She told us we have to be at the hospital for 9:30am and that his surgery is scheaduled for 11:30am.Nolan cant have any solids or milk after midnight, just sugar water through out that time untill 7:30am.

We then were walked to the Xray waiting area, where nolan had to get some xrays of his chest.The stupid people hurt my baby, the chamber they have to sit him in that im very familiar with, they did wrong and i had to tell them that he was too low and they were squishing his poor face inbetween the plastic!!ugh i could of freeked! well i pretty much did.Anyways!after xrays we went back to the room and seen the aneastesiologist who then explained to us alot!

they will be inserting an iv into his hand where the medication will run that will keep him asleep during the operation(they dont want to gas him to sleep because its to stressful on him with his cardiac issues), along with a Epidural in his spine to control the pain as he wakes up,(this will be inserted while he is asleep so that when he wakes up he wont feel the pain), he will also have an iv in his neck to monitor how much fluid is going in during the procedure(this is an accurate reading) and to watch his blood pressure.In total the operation from when they start to when he is the recovery room is up to 3 hours we cant see him while he is in the recovery room(45minutes).

He will be in PICU becuase he will have a breathing machine down his throat :(
they will not be in a rush taking this out untill nolan is ready.As they do not want to cause
any stress on his little body and heart.

Nolan also had some blood work done today:( it made me cry seeing him in pain.
I had just recieved a call saying we have to be in before 9am becuase they need to redo the blood work to make sure it is accurate(they didnt get enough blood to test)

Please pray for our nolan as he goes through this surgery and pray that things go as planned and that we will be able to come home soon,

thank you all for being there when i need, this is not easy, but we love him dearly and know this best decision to make for him, in the long run he will be so much happier!

love you all and i will update as soon as i can!


Nan P. said...

Glad the surgery went well. It must be such a relief! He now just needs time to recover. In the mean time, take good care of you Amanda, as both your babies need you healthy and strong.