Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well nolan is quiet the "wild child" in the PICU tuesday at 2am while i was at home sleeping he was trying to sit up and the nurse had to physically hold him down...he had to be "paralyzed" because they dont want him doing this yet.Fortunately lastnight he was settled and got his rest.Feeds have been increased and he is doing everything they expcected him to do...he is doing wonderful.He is still intubated and the plan is for tomorrow that it be takin out...but before this happens they will lower the ammount of air going into his lungs so he can slowly take when he becomes extubated its not so hard on him, he is on multiple meds to keep him comfortable, i will update what those are when i get home,we are just happy we are moving on up! and nolan is such a warrior! we love him.


Jennifer said...

wonderful news! Nolan is quite an amazing little boy!