Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Going home turned into...not anymore.

Yesterday Dr.M came in early in the morning to do his rounds on the kids he takes care of who are in the hospital.We got awesome news that Nolan would be going home! that day was supose to be today,unfortunately nolan turned for the worse, atabout 11pm he started having a stuffed nose and bit of a cough.I thought i was just becuase he was upset from teething,but as the night got later the cough was continueous and nolan seemed to be weezing.This morning Dr.M came in unknown to nolan being sick, after a listen to his chest he turned to me and siad "we arent going anywhere" this news was not what i wanted to hear, Nolan had been here for 2 weeks already! So dr.M ordered chest x rays and swab tests to see what was causing this,probably a virus :( yet again.So now we wait till he is better to officially go home, dr.M said we will be there for while.I know i will need my breaks from that place as it's causing me some anxiety and being somewhat angry i just dont want to be there all day everyday but at the same time i want to be with Nolan...its a tough road but its worth having him, we are just anxious to get home and be a family.


Nan P. said...

Yes, it's a tough road. Keep strong;