Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stolen My Pictures

Im sad to announce that someone on Facebook has stolen my babies pictures and used a fake name for themselves to create a fake profile, i cant express how digusted i am with this person my pride and joys are posted on someone elses profile, they even renamed them Isabella Lexi and Nolan Ryan, even have their age.I took everything off mine, I only used facebook to keep intouch with other Trisomy 18 mommies and friends from school, i guess its not as safe as we all think even with the privacy settings set to ONLY FRIENDS!I really am upset that someone would do this to me, i have contacted facbook directly and am hopeing for a response in which they will delete this fake person, but with that being said they have my pictures on their computer and who knows where else they have our babies posted.This makes so sick to my stomache i cant believe someone did this to me :( if anyone is reading this the fake name is Amie Claydale please help me get rid of her or him.


Jasmine said...

I am so sorry Amanda. I stopped using the facebook groups a while ago as didn't feel emotionally safe with all the high feelings and conflicting opinions. I've been following your blog. My Nina was due to be born in June too and I feel so heartbroken without her. I lost another baby in August.

What this person has done is despicable. They have no shame. They clearly have no understanding how difficult a situation this is for any family that has suffered a T18 diagnosis.

On a positive note, I have been warmed by Nolan's progress and have such admiration for you and your family. You are full of love and dignity. I wish you well.

I am having a little blog give away. If you enter and win, i'd make you something lovely to try and restore your faith in humanity. We are not all bad!

Jasmine said...

My fiance just left a message on T18 group page about this. Hope this helps x

Amanda said...

Thank you jasmine im just so worried and very upset about where my kids could be posted now, ive blocked everything from the public on there and am sad i had to do it b/c i know alot of ppl that love to hear updates on Nolan but they will just have to come here, thank you again

Santiago's Story said...


I am soo sorry to hear this!! How sick this person is. I dont understand... I love reading your updates. My son has T13 and reading this even tho they are diffrent types gives me hope. Cause as T18 T13 doent get much hope... and we have past lots of odds doctors had set for us. My son is now 8mos old and going strong!!

Nolan is truly one of a kind and I think about u guys often always in our thoughts...

XXXX Tammie Bernal