Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lexi and Nolan got spoiled!!

Well christmas has come and gone already! now we are getting ready for newyears! It was an awesome year, getting to meet our Nolan and him lving this long, it was a great christmas present to celebrate him with our family, lexi and nolan got sooooo much!(and so did I lol) we spent the morning opening presents at home then we all got ready to head out to my dads (which is an hour away) nolan did great the whole way he was sooo happy! later that day we exchanged gifts and had a huge turkey dinner! then sang happy birthday to nolan and had a delicious home made cake to top it all off, this week we are preparing for my step dads sons arrival from Ontario along with his girlfriend and daughter, my step dad hasnt seen his son in 18 years! this is going to be one happy family all being together for new years eve! update in a few days!! happy new years!(pics to follow as well!)