Monday, December 21, 2009

Weight Health and Physio update

This morning Nolans nurse Sandy came by to do her routine check-up on Nolan since xmas is comming up this week she wanted to make sure he was going to be okay.She was very happy to see that nolan was his usual happy outgoing self(as usual!)he's such a happy baby.She listend to his chest, tummy, back, lungs and heart everything was marvolous! I always love hearing how great he's doing, even though i know he's pretty special for doing this awesome! hehe. His weight today is 9lbs 9oz! he sure is getting to be our chunky monkey!! he's beaten so many odds we dont even need oxygen in our home and he hasnt had any "grey" spells since he was 1 month old! Later this afternoon the physio therapist came by to teach me some patting on his chest and back especially to use when he is congested( it helps to loosen all the yucky stuff he may have inside) even once day is recommended.Then Nolan showed her how he can move all around and lift his head up! She was pleased with how he was doing and that he didnt have any "stiffnes" in his joints,Nolan is doing fab! we will be celebrating his 6th month birthday on his very first christmas day! What more could we ask for, for christmas then Nolan being here with us and our healthy daughter lexi, we are family forever!Merry Christmas everyone!


Santiago's Story said...

You ROCK Nolan keep it up!!!

I hope you guys have a VERY Merry CHRISTmas!!

The Bernal Family