Friday, December 11, 2009


Yesterday night nolan was sooo funny! We put him on his belly and he was reaching for his toys trying to play them, and the mat he plays on has some crunchy spots so he was squeezing them with his hand to hear the noise! and when he heard it he'd smile and coo.He also discovered pulling on his eye really hard, he would cry about it so we pulled his hand away and he would do it all over again! lol he's learning his cause and effect!Nolans learning all sorts of stuff daily he's getting so much stronger with his head and can roll it side to side while he's playing on his belly, we are so proud of him.A few days he had immunizations 3 needles that he had to have, he was so upset and cried and cried i felt so bad for him.But he's fine now!
He is thriving so much and has an awesome first christmas comming up!