Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another Checkup

Today Nolan had another visit from the nurse, his weight never changed from last week he is 9lbs 2oz, and doing fabulous!He rolls himslelf side to side trying roll right over! we are sure he will be rolling over very soon! I had to ask the nurse why there was a white lump under his gum as i didnt know if he would get teeth this early, and to my surprise she's positive he's teething! another great milstone for the books! He loves laying on his play mat looking around at all the things especially the christmas lights on our tree, he's so bright eyed and full of smiles.Lexi has been holding him alot more everyday and is getting more involved with him like trying to change him and his diapers LOL.but only with my assistance, she also knows how old she is now!our babies amaze us each and everyday! Nolan continues to thrive as the days go on and christmas comes close he will be 6 months on christmas day! this is going to be a huge celebration for him.He's our gift.

"With you in my life,the music plays stronger,the stars twinkle brighter and heaven does'nt seem so far away"