Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Yesterday we made a trip to edmonton for Nolans appointment with Dr.Mcgonigle,it went great!Nolan did some showing off for the staff with his babling and trying to do alittle crawling with support from moma.He is 15lbs 6.4oz 27inches long it makes us thrilled that our boy is still growing!We discussed a wheel chair and came to a decision that later on we would look more into it a stroller for now works just fine.There was a concern nathan and I had,back in july nolan had his gtube/fundo repair the fundo repair was meant to stop nolan from vomiting which can cause him to aspirate then turn into pheunomnia.He had wretched a few times and accually brought up formula during his feed even when we vented his tube to let the air out.He has vomited about 4 times in the past 2 months yesterday he deminstrated this for Dr.M while he used the tongue depresser nolan gaged and brought some food up with it.Dr said this is very concerning we are praying he wont have problems if it only happens once in a while, to the concern is that he most likely loosend the fundo repair.For now we just position him and vent faster! so this doesnt happen.Either than that nolans a happy little man that enjoys picking his nose now!