Sunday, January 16, 2011

another nasty bug.

Nolan has caught another one...we took him to the hospital late last night as he was worse over 2 hours.We were worried he may of aspirated since it looks like his fundo repair has come loose, xrays ruled out this out.We rrefused antibiotics and took him home, i was up every hour checking on nolan giving him pedialite and chest physio.Im exhausted.Today he was lethargic he slept prety much alday this wouldnt be so conserning if it were myslef but with nolan its alarming.So i gave his pediatrition a call and asked if nolan may have RSV and if were smart of me to take him back to get him tested, he agreed.When we arrived they checked his temp it was still 39.1 never changed within the 20 minutes of checking it at home.The doctor swab him and asked if i wanted to leave him over night, i refused so she gave him a dose of amixicillin and a prescription for it to treat him as if he had a respiratory infection since he worsened over 12 hours.We are also getting tamiflu.

When we got back home i bathed and rubed vicks on him,put saline drops in his nose and gave a good suction, he is now haveing a pedialite and formula mixed feed i hope he will tolerate it, he's falling asleep now so im off to get some rest before he wakes again, please pray for nolie that he will get better and passed this.


Anonymous said...

we pray for you both, we share your concern and hope Nolan gets better. Hugs

Anonymous said...

We heard about your tragedy last night! I cannot imagine what your family is going through at this terrible, difficult time! Please take some peace in knowing he is in a place where pain doesn't exist, and knowing that you made his short time here as wonderful as it could have been! You and Nathan were wonderful parents to that little boy and he had a full loving life that many kids dont get in a lifetime!! If your wondering who we are....Mark worked at Genalta with Nathan and we have followed his story from day one!! Your son touched the lives of so many!!! If you need 'ANYTHING' please dont hesitate to ask and we mean this from the bottom of our hearts!!!....From the Miniely Family...Mark, Shannel, Nancy (Shannel's mom), and family!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful blog Amanda. I share in some of your pain and hope it was ok that I just showed up. I didn't know what had happened before I came last night. I'm so happy Nathan was there with you. Nolan did look so at peace and I'm sure he is going to watch over his family as Adeline watches over hers. hugs and prayers, take it one hour at a time.