Sunday, April 11, 2010

The big move/ Bad bug

Well all i can say is this past week had been BBBUUSSY! we finally moved into our beautiful apartment, but both kids were sick with colds and settling down was hard with 2 litle ones that were needing all of my energy to take of them especially little nolie.He had it the started with a stuffy nose then a bad cough, a few days later he got the runs with vomitting, it was very scary for us because we though he may have had an infection(turns out it wasnt) we visited the pediatrition 2 times in the week and each time they reassured us it was just a bad bug that could last up to a week.For nolan he was extremely miserable all day and night, the crying never stopped, only when he was sleeping did he stop.It was very exhausting for both me and nolan i got little to no sleep because i was so worried, but he started turning around yesterday to happier boy, and last night he slpt 9 hours! im now feeling more at ease that he is much better!