Thursday, March 25, 2010

9 months already!

Happy 9 months NOLIE! It's been 9 months since our little nolan entered into this world into my arms, he has blessed us so much these past 9 months and more to come.He was 4lbs 10oz 18inches long, he is now 11lbs 3.5oz and 23.5 inches long! He continues to show everyone what he is capable of despite how many said he would have a very poor outcome and not live more than a week if he was born alive, (you just never know!) We couldnt imagine our lives without our precious miracle,Lexi loves her brother so much and enjoys each and every birthday with him (most likely b/c of the cake LOL) From today its going to be 3months till his 1 year b day, we are going to start planning it after we move and couldnt be more excited! Thank you everyone who follows his blog, it's here for everyone and anyone just to know there is some hope! and not to give up. Bless you all!

Sincerly Lexi and Nolan's mommy.


polyhex said...

Congratulations, Nolan!