Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cardiology/RSV immunization

Today was very early and long due to Noln's 2 appointments he had this morning at the Stollery Hospital.First appointment was his RSV shot, he was weighed and is now 10lbs 15oz! Next was time for the needle, the nurse injected synagis and he barely cried! just one little tear and a pouty lip.He was such a strong boy today :) After his needle we headed upstairs to cardiology where he had his echo cardiogram then his EKG his stats were great! The doctor then spoke with us about the echo his heart is still same...the hole in his heart is still large, causing the heart to beat harder then making the muscle thicker and heart slightly larger, long term effects can cause harm if left unfixed but this will take years for any permanent damage, since we dont know his oucome in the years to come, we dont need to give him surgey right at the moment, because he is coping excellent with it! as all the doctors can see they are so surprised at his progress and development! So surgery in the near future is out of question unless its an absolute thatwe have to later on or if something serious changes.He just seems to amaze everyone around him, we all love him soooo much!