Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Different Feelings about DNR

Lately I've had this strong feeling that if something did ever happen to Nolan where he did need CPR I think in the moment of panic I would be crying and wanting them to do everything they could to help him.I dont think I could handle watching him just "Go" without doing anything, I would always wonder what if they did help him and he lived longer, and if the help didn't work then atleast i tried everything i could to keep him.Now that he's made it this far my outlooks on different things and situations are changing.We still want pallative care in keeping him comfortable, examples are... medication to help his heart we still dont want to go down the road of heart surgery, but if it did ever come up that we needed him to have the surgery if the heart was failing then we are open to discussing it with his doctor, BUT only if it was an ABSOLUTE last resource for him.As for now we havent needed to make any rash decisions with his life or care we hope this wont change.Nolan is doing great and still defying all the odds and fighting for his own life without any interventions he's nothing short of a pure Miracle.


May said...

Hi there, my daughter Vera also has Trisomy 18. Nolan is so lucky to have you both as parents, I can see the love showered on him. May he continue to thrive on your love!