Friday, February 12, 2010

Taking Nolan back to the hospital he was born at

Today was very exciting and bitter sweet, we went to visit the genetics councellor at the royal aleksandra hospital, her name is Melissa, we met her when we knew something could be wrong with nolan.She was soo supportivein our decision and i knew we had a great bond, we kept her updated thrugh the pregnancy and when she wason vacation we were sure to let someone know to tell her that nolan was born and alive! She met him for the first time when he was about 3 months old( i surprised her) she was thrilled for us! Today was the second time she got to hold Nolan she was so happy for him and us that he was still here and thriving.She took us into the room that was once a bad memory and now it is more of a hapy memory knwing that it was where we foud out the bad news but now turned into he's ok! After chating with her,showing him off to everyone, we went to the floor where we stayed with him the first night and seen the room, it was a happy moment for me.Then we headed up to the NICU where we stayed in the family room for 5 days to make sure we comfortable with feeding Nolan and if anything happend the NICU was right there to help.Unfortunatly the nurses that took care of him and helped us were to busy today to come talk, we are hoping that another day we will be able to share with them as well on his progress we took pictures and were happy we got to do this together it was a great day!!