Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Bug :(

Nolan has caught another nasty bug, i have done so much to keep him healthy but any little bug he comes in contact with he seems to get.Myself is feeling under the weather as well so it must be going around once again, but i have lots of hope that little nolan will get through this once again! He is coping well with it although he is alittle on the cranky side but nothing that i cant handle ;)We are just going to continue what we usually do when he is sick, cool humidifier,baby vicks,saline drops,suction, warm baths to sooth him and lots of TLC! he loves that.Please keep baby nolan in your prayers for a fast healing so he doesnt get worse, thank you.


Santiago's Story said...

Nolan is always in my prayers. I hope he gets well very soon.. This time of year is always the worst for our kidos!! <3 Stay strong Nolan I know you have tons of FIGHT in you!!

Mom to Santiago T13 Ring

Megan said...

OOoooh I'll be praying for the little man!! *hugs*