Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Emergency trip

On late sunday night, we though it would be a wise choice to bring nolan into emerg. due to weezing in his back, since his food intake by mouth was increased friday he was miserable that very night and all of saturday.We are positive it was to much at one time for him, or maybe a coensidnece that he got a cold.But sunday we never gave him anything by mouth, just fed him by formula through his NG tube as normal,anyways while we were in the emerg. they took us in within 5 mintutes of getting there, even though his oxygen level was 100%!!! they did chest x rays and they came back clear (no fluid in his lungs) we were so relieved! So we were sent home.The monday morning we took him in to his pediatrition, and she listened to him, felt his liver and reassured me it wasnt heart failure!! once again great news! We scheaduled a swallow test for the 18th to see if it might be the problem with congestion he also has a follow up appointment with the cardiologist march 17.Nolan is still doing amazing despite the little scare we had, he recently discovered his long hair and ears, he constatly plays with them and coos about it! i have video to show as soon as i get more time i will put them up!