Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Taking Nolan For a Walk

After we ate supper we decided to take the kids for a walk, I had nolan in his snuggly the whole way he made noises looking around and loved it! he was so cute.
Lastnight he slept beside me and gave me about 5 hours of straight sleep...i really needed it.He woke up this morning not very happy, he was extremely gassy and wouldnt settle i gave him ovol it seemed to help him out with that...but he got himself so worked up that he couldnt swallow his own siliva.So suction it was.
He calmed down and went for a nap...but as soon as i put him down he began to its been a "dont put me down day" which i dont mind...but things have to get done around the house to.Hes still sleeping now and is due to feed very soon.