Monday, September 21, 2009

The birthday of Nolan

To everyone this is how my day began it all started June 24th at 7 am we got the wake up call from the hospital to be there at 9 am for my induction..i cant tell you the emotions i felt at that was gut wrenching!we were sooo very nervous...we arrived at about 9 30am and they didnt start untill about 11 30 i had the gel insert and they began to monitor Nolans heartbeat which was perfect the whole entire time!we even recorded it on video and got a tone of pics soon to come!so around 2 00pm in the afternoon contractions started and it was slow at first but all the walking in the hospital they picked up very quickly and hurt!
6 hours past and around 8 30 pm my doc finally cam in to check me and i was 2 cm dialated so he broke my waters and i must say it hurt very bad!nolans heart rate still continued to be stable! so after my water broke they put me on potocine an iv to get my labour intense! OUCH! so then i laboured for about 3 hours or so and then they checked me again and only 4cm i wasnt very happy with all the pain i thought i was further!then another 2 hours went by with intense pain and they checked again and still 4 cm i was!
soooooo i ordered for an epidural i was so sick from the pain and so tired i couldnt take it anymore! But little did i know that i would go from 4 to 10 cm in 5 minutes after my epidural! it was soooooo fast! and the epidural didnt even get time to work before i was yelling i need to push! the nurse didnt believe me untill i told her to "check me now"!!! so she did i was 9 and half by then and then 30 seconds later i was 10!and began to push on my own...then my doc came finally and i only pushed for about 3 minutes and he was out! very lifeless and scary no sound i thought he was gone...untill they put him my belly and he was crying very quietly and eyes wide open...they then took him to the warmer to check him and he was breathing fine on his own...when they gave him back to me he was soooo alert and stayed awake for about 6 hours after he was born (he was 4lbs 10oz.) Nathan My mom and my aunt were all present for his arrival and then family came in once we were both cleaned up!
we feel so blessed to have him at home with us now and he will be a week old at 2 29 am thursday morning( tomorrow)hes truly amazing! and sooooo adorable and cant get enough of him!we take each day as it comes as we dont know what could happen still we also want to thank everyone for the prayers and continue to pray for him as his journey into this world has just begun.thanks...and we love you all!