Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nolans Big Weigh In

This morning at 11:30am Nolans homecare nurse Sandy came by for nolans weekly weigh in and vitals,he now is 7lbs 4oz. 2 1/2 ounces up from last week! his heart rate was 144bpm and his lungs are clear! hip hip horray! Sandy got to see nolan smiling as he was making noises to his animals on his swing...and was very impressed :)
we are so surprised at how well Nolan is developing and so are the doctors...although he is behind like not being able to hold his head up yet, hes still responsive to our voices and we know he can see,he sucks his hands and loves his soother...we hope in the near future he will eat his whole feed through a bottle and not through the tube.He can drink about 4mls by bottle and he has 95mls by the tube(about 3 ounces + alittle more.) We are happy Nolan continues to gain weight and learn everyday!