Friday, January 6, 2012

School in Whitecourt!

Well sweet little man, mommy started school this week at Norquest! its now the weeekend! I am so thrilled to tell you i cant wait to become a nurse...its all because of you Nolie...We missed you so much this christmas i think i cried everyday wishing you there to celebrate and open gifts beside you big was hard.There was a huge empty spot in the morning :( but i felt your spirit so it made me go on and stay strong for our family.I cant beleive it will be 1 year in just a couple of weeks you had to go on and start your new journey up above...we will be sharing that day with family and just simply remembering all the times with you.We love you sweetie im still so proud of you. xoxoxoxox


Dyane said...

Amanda, I;m sure the little fat man is super proud of his momma! I can't wait to hear about the day where you are working as a nurse, and you are able to lend an understanding ear to someone who has just got some hard news about their unborn child. And they will love you for having been there and sharing your story and giving hope and strength! Keep working hard! it will be worth it!!