Friday, January 20, 2012

The night before.

Its 5:44pm January 20th this night 1 year ago was scary, its was just nolan and I ,daddy was working.Nolan started crashing around this time something i will never forget, his oxygen just kept dropping so doctors and nurses rushed in to get him stable, i could barely see what was going on with all the tears i was trying to hold back.I walked to the only spot to him, his feet.I held one tight and told him to hang on just for alittle while just untill daddy got some cuddles.It so hard watching him not respond to anything,a doctor at one point turned around and said"what else do you want us to do?" i said "just help him!". After about 5 minutes of this finally Dr Mcgonigle walked in, just in time...Nolan perked up as soon as he took over! it was amazing how he responded to him.Dr.M jokingly said "he just wanted me to come visit him, he missed me!" and i agreed.

So once nolan got stable and was given a med to help calm him so he could rest, i broke down into dr,M's arms and asked him if nathan and i are making a good a choice to not intubate if he did get worse.He assured me that we did , that if nolan were to get progressively worse that intubating would make things worse in the end.I called nathan immediately to come up since i didnt know how the rest of the night would go.And i was scared to be alone.Daddy finally arrived shortly after 11:00pm he scooped nolie out of my arms and rocked him while they watched T.V one last time...we stayed up most of the night untill nolan settled and fell asleep on his own.

Over night nolan had no episodes! he did so well...continued tomorrow...