Sunday, May 8, 2011

Your Strength

Well today was Mothers day, I missed you the same just like everyday day Nolie.Saturday was a special day for me, i was nominated along with 19 other Fabulous mommies for Fabulous Mother of The Year, knowing we were all fab to begin with so nothing changed even when the judges decided.Mommy had to answer a question it was tough for me, but i felt you there.It was really hard for me to get up and speak about what happend even though you were such a miracle, having to tell everyone you had passed away was heart wrenching.I wanted to just curl up into a ball and cry at that very moment.I thought i keep it all together aand tell what was on my paper, but i couldnt i was mixed in my emotions that the words couldnt fully come out, it was a blur when i sat down.I thought gosh i never even answered my questioned! i just cried and trembled in my voice telling about the things you did.I introdeced you to everyone! you were a star, everyone awed over beautiful face.I love my big man, i hope my public speaking gets easier over time right now its just all new and very emotional. I hope your proud of me baby boy. you are one strong boy, i wish i had just half the strength you had.Love you.

P.S. i Hope you LOVED the balloons we released for you today, sissy was excited to give you them.