Wednesday, May 25, 2011

23 months my boy

Well my Nolie Polie Olie you would be 23 months old today, last night mommy was crying holding onto you in your urn,with your blankie and sleeper in my arms as well.I just miss you so bad , please dont be mad at mommy for i am longing to hold you again. We talk about everyday wheather that be in the shower, in the car, outside, grocery store anywhere! pretty much everything we do reminds us of you little man because you did go everywhere! so those memories will be us everywhere we go.I feel sometimes i get this feeling a strong feeling like i can almost touch you when i close my eyes and think about you, your almost there in my arms.My dreams have been about you alot lately they are very real i can smell you, touch your hair,feed you, everything i should be doing for you i can in my dreams.I love those dreams i wish i never woke from them at times. I know sister is missing you badly we couldnt leave the house without the other day, she went to your crib and picked you out and said "we have to bring my nolie too" so we did! Daddy is also missing his boy alot, you are his twin it amazes me. Your 2nd birthday is next month June 25 im feeling scared but i know you will help through it, we are going to celebrate you but im going to miss you hard that day, you are just amazin little boy that made a huge impact on our lives.I love you for everything you did with your time with us, and forever im thankful for you. Love mommy,daddy, sister.xoxoxox