Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nolan's Gettin up there!

This morning Nolans nurse came for a check up, she listened to him as usual, checked his pulses and everything, he looke great she said.The only thing she could hear was a slight rattle in his right side but she assured me that it was just the stuff thats hard for babies to get rid of, and that it would go away soon especially with everything i have been doing for him to help him out.Then she weighed him! and....GUESS WHAT!! HE"S 10LBS!!!!!!! I was soooo shocked he gained up to that even with being sick he still grows! we are so proud of our little big man! Nolan then decided to show off his new skill, when we hold him under his armpits so his legs are little bent with his feet flat to the floor he pushes up really hard and gives a huge smile, then continues on with bouncing, we think he may be ready for a bouncer but we are going to wait a bit and see what we can find that suits his needs.Way to go!