Sunday, January 24, 2010

Celebrated Nolans 7th birthday!

Today we celebrated Nolans 7th month, it is a day early b/c tomorrow is a week day and everyone has work.It was a very happy day, my mom and I made a bear cake from scratch and it looked sooooooo cute! we are so proud of ourselves! Nolan had alot of flashes in his eyes with so many pictures being taken by me! lol. but atleast he doesnt get mad at me for it ;) Lexi blew the candles out for her brother and loved it! after that nolan put his hand in the icing and tasted it, boy did he love that!
I just am sooo thrilled to be this blessed with him, it's been 7 months of unconditional love for our boy, thins the doctors said he would never do, he is doing! From gettng the horrible news,to not knowing if we would ever get to hold our son alive, and knowing the "poor" outcomes as doctors say, to accually having him here for 7 months and more to come has been a miracle! His smiles, his giggles, knowing his ticklish spots, and simply just staring into his big beautiful eyes and touching his soft brown hair, makes me realize how precious life can be,how we are lucky to have Nolan still here with us.