Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nolans ill.

I would just like to update everyone on Nolan this week,since his cardio appointment he has caught a nasty cold we thought yesterday he seemed better, but when he woke this morning he sounded very yucky when coughing.I called the nurse as it was day 6 and i just knew something was worse when i put my ear up to his back i heard some weezing.She insisted and i agreed it was time for him to see a doctor so off to his pediatrition we went.She checked him over and assured us it wasnt heart failure that is was a viral infection that sounded like he might have slight phneaumonia in his left lung he was prescribed antibiotics and tamiflu, we go back in the morning to see if he needs further treatment.Many prayers are needed for our sweet boy as we dont want him to be admitted to any hospitals.His oxygen level was in the 90s which is good and he still continues to smile and coo.We continue to hope he can pull through this sickness on his own he's come so far.