Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another Cardiology Appointment

This morning Nolan and I took the train to his heart appt. at 8am, It was a very nervous ride not knowing what they would find,But i tried to keep my head high and think positive for Nolan.He got weighed and is 8lbs 12oz! such a chunky monkey now!
After the tech finished with the echocardiogram we were put into a room to wait for his doctor,she came in with a smile on her face and asked how Nolan was doing.I answered great!She went on to explain that by what she saw nothing has changed and nothing has gotten worse, this was music to my ears!!! PTL. She checked him over, took a listen to his lungs, heart, and tummy.She was very pleased with everything, she then got a nurse to check his oxygen levels, that was also perfect.The medicine she prescribed to him 2 weeks agi has been working on any extra fluid build up he may have had.So another great report for us and everyone who is following Nolans journey he continues to be our miracle baby each and everyday he is with us!